Suspect farts himself out of police investigation


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“The suspect has waived his right to remain silent.”


Note to self.


I regret that I have only one like to give for that.



I’m trying to formulate a joke involving “stinking badges” but can’t. It’s too late on a Friday I guess.


If convicted, will he get the gas chamber?


No just a normal jail cell.


And I was going to link to a GIF of that scene in Breaking Bad with Hector Salamanca’s response to an inquiry from Hank Schrader, but then thought better of it.


You know for sure doing this would put a complete 180 on that crucial scene in Basic Instinct.



I considered “shite privilege in action” but dismissed it as an over-extension.


That’s a whole lotta trepidation about a wee little crepitation.


Hey KC made BB again. Wait -WTF is this? Why is it always some fucked up story. Look - we were the first to get Google Fiber. And we have proposed a plan to literally have every citizen suck Jeff Bezo’s dick if they build Amazons new headquarters here.


A handy talent to have, don’t you think?


… prompts the obligatory link re Le Petomane


hmm, does that qualify as a Superpower?

edited to add - it does:


I get that whenever I eat onions. The stomach cramps make it very much a curse though.


If he had eaten some of my aunt Linda’s cheeseballs and drank a bunch of beer, like my dad did that one fateful Christmas, then I can completely understand letting him walk. As far away as he can, as soon as possible.


“…Regardless of the fact he remains deadly”


Yeah, but KC is like Buda and Pest. You have the Missouri side and the Kansas side. I never lived there, but for a while I’d always hear people’s opinion that the Kansas side was rather uncouth.