Criminal's farts turn interrogation room into a gas chamber

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Christopher Nolan, are you reading this? I found a new contrivance for the Joker to escape police custody.


It’d be a hilarious way to go if you were on Death Row.

“What do you want for your last meal?”
“Cabbage. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Ghost peppers.”


This made me laugh much harder than it probably should :joy:


evacuate the interrogation room for fear of being overwhelmed by farts.

Revenge is mine!


Was it this guy?


Did he fart it out in morse code? Asking for a flatulent friend.


Can’t we have a normal story from KC?

Hey, hey, the Chiefs are playing well. How about that?


I’m imagining a new use for Joker Gas here, and Mark Hamill announcing it in his Joker voice: “Uh-oh, look out cops, I’m afraid there’s a whoopee cushion in here!”

Then to the Gas Chamber.

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It’s in poor taste to be so gleeful about the prosecution of a Black man for a non-violent crime.

Stealing firearms, so that they cannot be traced back to you when used, is reeeeally teetering on the edge of non-violence.

The amazing part to me is that this dude successfully ended a LEO interrogation with his farts. If not for the subsequent pullover he would probably be off in Vegas having a gas.


It was late and Sykes’ alibi stank. Detective Péter wanted to cut straight to the cheese and squeeze out a confession, but Sykes wasn’t breaking. “Wind me up, will ya!?” the detective shouted. “I suppose you think it’s a gas to waste my time?! I guess we’ll see if you’re such a hot shit after a night in that toilet we call a holding cell.” He turned to the uniformed policeman near the door. “Take him away, Officer Fürze.”


The holocaust “joke” disturbs no one?

I don’t see a Holocaust reference. The gas chamber has been an established means of execution in the USA since the 1920s.

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Hey, at least we’re not Florida

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Needs beans. Lots of beans. Maybe some scrambled eggs as well.


Good lord…not that kinda gas chamber. Actually I oppose the modern day death penalty gas chamber, too (and any form of capital punishment).

But “Gas Chamber” in this context means the defendant’s flatulence as his own punishment after he --err…well. Umm.

A couple/few months ago I commented on why the video of that prankster pretending to be decapitated on the bus etc was not funny (ie people really thought he was dying). I failed to see humor in that lifelike depiction of graphic violence. But this? This?

This here is a written fart joke, guys.

Again, clarification to any offended: not Holocaust gas chamber. Death penalty gas chamber. And of course neither are funny. But the pun was on severe punishment for deadly farting by criminal who nearly escaped by pooting.

AAAAAANNNNND now-- agreed. No longer funny. Gah.

P.s. I debated deleting my post but chose to post long-winded explanation in self defense.

Would’ve been much easier to simply do this: