Man fired for farting too much?


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I guess people with bad gas are a protected class now? Good to know.


I mean… I feel for the dude, I do. But he worked for a meat wholesaler…
I’m not sure that someone with “uncontrollable diarrhea” should be working around case lots of meat… thats how we get health code violations.

And no, I don’t know where he should work, this is why you guys need comprehensive health care and social safety nets.


I do. He should be a janitor and just stay there in the bathroom, cleaning up after himself and others.


Judge hasn’t ruled yet, but don’t let that stop you from ridiculing the very idea of accommodating the disabled.


Scene - Middle School Science class. Substitute teacher. Kid name Hogue was notorious for farting all the time and thinking it hilarious.

Teacher: What are we going to do with you, Hogue?

Me: Stick a Magic Mushroom up his ass!

Class: haha

Explanation for the young people.

Magic Mushrooms were this mushroom shaped air freshener similar to the Glade Renuzit.

Also on a serious note, they do make a charcoal filter underwear that supposedly works well.


A producer buddy of mine had a love for a particular sushi joint for lunch, but suffered terrible gas afterward. He was given a charcoal seat cushion for his office that seems to have changed his life.


I once “quit” a job like that, too. One of my old employers fired people the passive-aggressive way, by giving you two options: quit honorably and be given a nice little goodbye party, or be demoted to a humiliating menial position and suffer.


There’s ‘accommodating the disabled’ then there’s ‘the entire office literally smells like shit every day’. Especially at a food company! If I had to work next to him I’d be filing a complaint or quitting too. The charcoal filters sound like a great idea.


Oh I absolutely agree. I don’t think the ADA applies in this case - IANAL. But I don’t like the way conservatives trot out the old har-de-har when the rights of the disabled are at stake. See also: every other minority.


jeez guys, all this odor shaming.


Yeah, geez, doesn’t he know that the ADA is for people with respectable, traditional disabilities? Get out of here with your stupid “tummy problems.” Take those “autism” and “depression” and “PTSD” people with you. Come back when you’ve got a nice, dignified wheelchair.

More seriously, the ADA requirement is “reasonable accommodation,” and it’s not clear from the article that any of the parties involved sought that. A quick google suggests that there are various options (pills, deodorizing pads…) available to deal with serious fart odor, and IMHO both the boss and the employee had a responsibility to investigate those. If the employee refused to trouble himself, and the boss refused to suggest solutions, they’re both at fault.

Now, if they actually tried all of those things and none of them worked, I would have to agree that he was beyond “reasonable accommodation.” I think the classic example is that a small bar with narrow table spacing is not required to reduce their seat count to accommodate a waitress in a wheelchair.


It’s George Lucas, right?


Despite my flippant original response, I 100% agree with you. We also obviously don’t have all the facts with regard to this situation.

On the other hand with a title like “Man fired for farting too much?” are you expecting nuanced and informed commentary?


Why is his wife the one who is suing? Something about this doesn’t smell right.


I see what you did there.


You must be a odor justice warrior.


I think he should work as a circus elephant dung catcher. Because he could blame all his maladies on the elephants.


Or he could drive the honey wagon! (Be a septic tank pump truck driver.)


I waitress in a wheelchair? HA.
That’s like having a blind barber
or a deaf piano tuner.