Taco Bell exec fired after recorded assault on Uber driver

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Harsh, bro!

America’s New Ruling Class. Make no mistake, he was fired because he was caught on camera. No Camera? No Crime.


My amygdala just whomped.

If boingboing is going to go all-violence-porno on me on the front page I would prefer at least that both guys are twinks and totally into it.

Well yeah, no camera, no one knows about it. There’s the court case, yes, but then the company can wait for the verdict.

Sorry, wrong poison food retailer.

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My favorite part was the Lyft ad layered over the video.


Two things:

1 - GRRRRRRR… But at least the full video seems to work.

2 - Watching drunk dude fall over in the back seat when the driver makes a u-turn… Man, I’ve been that guy before. Not the punching in the head part, but the too drunk to stay upright part.

I skipped it for that reason. I already get too much of that going to YouTube to watch something benign then getting suckered into watching police-misbehavior videos (for some reason YouTube thinks I like those :wink: ) and then, like you said, whomp, hey there adrenaline, hello cortisol.


I doubt that Taco Bell gives a damn about the driver peon; but the demand for ‘marketing executives’ who are incapable of keeping their own indiscretions from embarrassingly blowing up in public must be a little tepid. It’s also possible that a nasty temper and a questionable sense of one’s tolerance for booze have…compromised his professionalism…in less dramatic ways on other occasions and they are pleased to have something nice and solid to shove him out the door with.

It definitely pays to not be little people; but unless you are at the very top of the heap impunity is a matter of degree. I don’t know what Taco Bell’s org chart looks like; but media reports describe Ben here as ‘mid-level manager’. That’s definitely low enough for impunity to be conditional.


Okay, I have no love for Taco Bell, but big companies fire their folks – especially fungible 29 year olds – for this stuff without batting an eye. If he’d merely puked on the street and the thing went viral, they’d have probably fired him for it. If he’d belted out a bunch of racial slurs and it went viral, they certainly would have fired him for it.

Yeah, +1 for that. I’ve seen violent drunk guys, I didn’t like it, and I’m guessing this wasn’t very different.


Good. Screw that idiot.

Violence is Golden!

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My buddy was fortunate enough to have been in a bar where a rather large, drunken man was doing his level best to pick a fight with a much smaller man who also happened to be the bartender. The bartender handled it gracefully enough until he took a bathroom break. Big guy followed him into the bathroom, and sounds of chaos ensued.
Bartender came out shortly thereafter with nary a hair on his head out of place and proceeded to call the polizei to remove the now-well-damaged guy in the bathroom. It just so happened that the little bartender had been a Golden Gloves champ.
Picking fights, drunk, stoned, or otherwise, is a terrible idea, and the day the comeuppance comes, it will come swiftly and with great pain to one’s body as well as one’s wallet. Or, as a friend likes to say when she’s presented with a good idea: “Oh, that’s Golden!”


You think a yuppie marketing executive is the ruling class? Have you ever heard of Davos?


Yes, good.

Hopefully that was the Fire pepper spray, and not just the Hot variety.


No guns involved? Are we sure this took place in the U.S.?

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Is this guy’s legal defence already pretty much fucked? His lawyer admitted he “slapped” him, so it’s a given it is an assault.

I’m guessing the weasel word is to try and pre-convince a jury that the damages awarded should be lesser. >.<