For your safety


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eye , i am a boing boing reader !!

Q. How do you plead?

A. I plead tl;dr. I did not RTFA.


You’re just saying that as part of a psychological experiment.


Too late! They’ve already recorded it.



The precog already flagged me, so I figured what the hell.


Then let the record state that I have excellent taste in blogs.


Oh no, not again!


Dear Goverment,

FYI: I was clicking on a link that promised a Rick Astley Video (a music video featuring a little-known but extremely catchy song about not giving up and stuff! it is a very hopeful song!)…Sadly, the link was a fake and came here instead. NOT. COOL. AT. ALL. TRICKSTERS!

I feel like a canary in a warrant.

I got here by accident while searching for porn sites. Honest!

And our access to records about us is sealed for our protection.

Ah, this is great news. Since I got to 85, I couldn’t interest anyone in a thing I had to say.

I find Depends a very interesting topic, really, philosophically they’re a late-life return to a kind of infant state. Nez pass? Anyone in Utah concur? I also have some quite quaint images from my Etchalon-o-Sketch to share. PS Please write before your gets cut off.

Not my problem as I’m only here to spy on all of you.

Just like when I’m out walking and the police pull me over, “just to make sure I’m okay”. Then run me through the system and prevent me from leaving until that’s done. Just to make sure I’m okay.

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