Anthony Kiedis saved a baby after Carpool Karaoke


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That’d be convicted sexual batterer Anthony Kiedis.

In case anyone’s keeping score at home about which celebs Boing Boing doesn’t really care are misogynist creeps.

(Yep, I sure am!)


I suppose one question worth asking is whether his conviction and subsequent sentence made him a better person; I believe context for these stories is important, but I also like to leave room for personal redemption stories.

(Edit: I did a bit of reading, and found that a lot of the creepy stuff was from the late 80s. Has anything surfaced in the last 25 years? Not saying he still isn’t actually creepy, and I suppose an apology would be in order, too…)


After reading this story and double checking I can confirm that every RHCP album after Blood Sugar Sex Magik still sucks.


I mean that’s what’s difficult here- he was busted, convicted… And that was twenty five years ago. Does he carry that cloud over his head forever? Do we factor in the (inevitable) influence of his addictions?
I don’t know.
I do know that even if he is a bad person, here, at least, he did a very good thing. And I’m thankful for that much.


Wow. That kid was headed to the Otherside but Kiedis just Can’t Stop helping people. Other people would just walk by, with no time to spare, but Kiedis will just take his time and Give it Away. By the Way, about the sexual battery, after 25 years of getting himself to Higher Ground, isn’t that water Under the Bridge? You’ve got to stop picking at those scabs or you’ll get Scar Tissue.


He’s already been punished. Unless someone can provide evidence of more recent crimes, perhaps here and now is not the place and time to dredge this sort of thing up.


I jus came to say, “good job, RHCP.” :clap:


Well I sure wouldn’t let him make out with my baby, no matter how blue it was. Anybody wants to rescue me, I run a background check first, just to be sure.


What I’ve got you’ve got to get it put it in you
because it’s air.


My mom told me a similar story about my dad. A woman from a next door apartment came over in hysterics and said that her baby wasn’t breathing. Dad was a lineman at the time, and the company had given him some kind of resuscitation training. So he went next door and tried to resuscitate the poor baby, but it was already gone. Dad told me later that it was probably SIDS, and that the minute he saw the baby he thought it was probably too late, but he tried anyway. It’s a sad story, but I’m so proud of Dad for this and so many other things. This was one of the things that prompted me to get CPR/AED training.


The victim was a female George Mason U student volunteer who was backstage working the RHCP show April 21, 1989 at the Patriot Arena, Washington DC. Kiedis was 27 years old. Kiedis was convicted of exposing his penis and trying to force the student to give him a blowjob.
Kiedis was an Adonis in '89, the height RHCPs success. Bad luck he found the one woman backstage who didn’t want to give him a bj. Much worse he tried to force her.
But that said there was no rape, no child molestation, no grievous harm. Kiedis was fined $2000 on appeal.
Enough on the hating.


No. He committed a crime. Being “hot” and famous is no excuse for sexual battery. None. He made a choice to attempt to force someone who had no interest into a sexual act. That’s fully on him. End of story.

Whether or not he should still carry that around is another question entirely.


I think that his life story, whenever it’s told, needs to have that asterisk beside it.

I don’t believe that every good deed he does needs to have that same asterisk beside it.


And I think that’s entirely fair.


I am torn.

On one hand, I would gladly give a lifetime pass to a celebrity who saves the life of a complete stranger because he just happened to be there. On the other hand, “Under the Bridge” gets way too much airtime on classic rock stations and I hate that song with a passion.


There’s always Ryan Gosling - he saved a random person AND he didn’t write or perform “Under the Bridge” (AKAIK).


I would give him a lifetime pass for the lifesaving and on the fact that I haven’t seen Only God Forgives or Gangster Squad. I am afraid if I do, it would change my opinion of the guy. :grin:


Well, pretty much every actor at some point does a bad film, so I’m not sure we can hold that against him. I haven’t seen either of those, either, though.


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