FBI's 83-page glossary of leetspeak



Always on the cutting edge of yesterday, eh?

It’s adorable how they censor the cuss words.

“Sure, we kill people without trial and wiretap without warrants, but we have standards for decency, man.”

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They couldn’t have provided a better copy?


Agreed. It would actually be useful to me if I could read it. I find myself frequently googling these things. Maybe it’s that I’m getting old or maybe it’s my respect for language. I’m the type to use punctuation in text messages, commas and all.

They could have, but that would place freedom (of information) above ass-covering. There seem to be rules against that. See also:

AYFKMWTS? Ooh, let’s guess! Which I guess I have to, since I can seem to figure out how to zoom into the document far enough to actually read it.

Are You From Kansas on Mondays, Wedenesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays?

EDIT: Oh, it’s on page 4, and you can just barely make it out. I am disappointed by the lack of OMGWTFBBQ.


The poor quality copy of a dot matrix printout is almost certainly a Passive-Agressive Chicken-Shit act by a Feeb Bureaucrat to meet the letter, but not the spirit, of the FOIA law.


Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?

I love the fact that you picked that one, because it looks like the theme for the day.

Also, from page 46: NO1 means no one. Any spy that needs that one deciphered needs a new fucking job.

Actually, it looks like a dot matrix print out that has been FAXed…

CYA = See Ya or Cover You’re A**
“you’re” Really? My tax dollars support this kind of grammar?

Also note they missed ‘FTP’. Someone feeling a little sensitive?

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