Man who used McDonald's McChicken sandwich as weapon against wife is arrested


And here we all made fun of the school that suspended that kid for holding a chicken finger like a gun. Chicken patties are serious business.


She’s lucky he didn’t use fresh fruit instead.


So DON"T EAT IT you Bonehead!!! Jeez louise wtf is WRONG with people?

Is he going to be tried by the UN for violating the biological weapons convention?


No, I think menacing somebody with anything from the McDonalds menu calls for a certain amount of violence. Except the coffee. Their coffee is pretty decent.

In high school, a friend and I used to joke about using bread as a weapon. It’s sung to the tune of the Pat Benatar song. Stop using bread as a weapon, etc.

Joking aside, I do wonder if police were really required in this situation. It seems that someone had to call them, but the article doesn’t mention how the police came to be there. Personally, I’d have to be in pretty dire straits to call the cops, lest someone end up dead for being insufficiently deferential or something.

CAUTION: Coffee Is Very Hot! - (I still laugh because that has to be printed on the cup)

Need to change title to… “Real-Time Study Shows The Simple Sight Of A McChicken Sandwich Causes Random Outbursts Of Violence. Law Enforcement On The Scene!”

In other news… “Government Legislation Is Considering McChicken Sandwich Conceal And Carry Permits. Background Checks May Be Required.”

Beat me to it.

If he really meant it, he would have used a cheeseburger…

Well if there’s video of it he should try to get a change of venue to New York City for his grand jury hearing.

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All chuckles about the medium aside, this is still the attempt to touch someone in a manner they don’t want to be touched, it remains a form of domestic violence/assault.


Ya really ought to watch's_Restaurants#Burn_incident in short.

McDonalds likely still makes their coffee to such a temperature that it can cause serious injury, there’s no “this wacky world!” satire, there. It’s a necessary warning.


I’m sorry, actually I’m not, because I believe our society is so intent on abuse that we have lost sight of common sense.No one should be subject to arrest for hurling a sandwich at another human being. People lose their temper and I am certain that the young man could have just as easily punched her in the face. We need to get a grip people…domestic violence is very hurtful and very real, but a hurled McChicken sandwich does not rise to the level of a hurled pot of boiling water, a fist in the face or anywhere on the body, a lamp, ecetera! We diminish the reality of real violence when we pony up and believe someone hurling a sandwich carries the same gravity as the violence that mars the lives and physical beings of far too many women!

True. But I wonder if the heavy-handed police response was a case of “angry while brown”.

As is often the case, people who get into these “grinds my gears” rants rarely read the subject before they rant about the “signs of the further decline of society.”

Here’s the story you’re dismissing, it isn’t somehow not beating your wife because he punched his pregnant wife with a sandwich. Stop enabling domestic abusers.

He admitted to police that he became upset and threw the sandwich at her, then picked up some of the bun, throwing it at her again.

The woman went to the bathroom to clean herself up but Hill followed her and began recording her using his cellphone, which he later shared with police. In the video, police saw the woman knock the phone out of his hands.

Hill’s wife had mayonnaise on her shirt and face when officers located her. According to the woman, Hill had forcefully smashed the bun into her face.

Police noted that the woman’s nose was swollen and believed Hill was trying to entice the woman into knocking the phone out of his hands to make her appear aggressive, the report stated. Hill was arrested and his weapons permit was confiscated.


It’s not really that disproportionate a response for someone committing acts of violence against their spouse.

He admitted to throwing it and tried to bull-bait her into responding once she was being filmed, but him physically slamming it into her face/nose was where actual damage occurred to her person.

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Didn’t know there was a vid about this. Too many people are unfamiliar with the problem and think it is a joke. Thanks.

The litigation is why I still laugh. I laugh because people are getting paid for abandoning common sense. I laugh because warning labels have to be installed for angry idiots and lawsuit freaks. I laugh because it’s a necessary warning in this screwed up society of ours. I laugh because if that coffee ever comes out lukewarm that same customer who got burned previously is going to march right back in there and complain the coffee was not hot enough. I laugh because my coffee maker at home makes coffee hotter than McDonalds. Gee, should I initiate a lawsuit with the manufacturer, if I accidentally spill the coffee on me? There’s clearly no warning labels on it at all… LOL. Gee, I had no idea that plugging up a coffee maker heats up a direct heating element and makes the water very hot, because it’s missing it’s idiot-proof labels that’s suppose to warn me. LOL
So, when I get a cup of coffee from McDonalds and see “CAUTION: Coffee Is Very Hot!”, do you know what I say?.. Duh, I hope so. (Same thing goes for the HOT Apple Pies.)
How bad has this lawsuit fear become? How asinine is it really? Just the other day I was heating up a frozen Pizza. Under the instructions just after the suggested oven cooking times it reads, and I’m not kidding here, it reads… “WARNING: Pizza will be extremely HOT! - 2 minute standing time is suggested.”