Man who used McDonald's McChicken sandwich as weapon against wife is arrested

Will MacDonalds get in trouble for supplying this weapon? I hope not, but I do think there should be a five day waiting referral period before you can get your hands on these dangerous goods (for background checks and whatnot).

Never underestimate the limits of human stupidity or capacity for greed.

Your cheery ignorance and outright stupidity in the matter does not make you above anyone else.

I provided links to disabuse you of that willful ignorance, but instead, you stick to the snopes FWD FWD garbage.

You are exactly the person you hate.


Whatever. I’m ignoring your insanity. You’re just mad because I’m right.

Is the only way to keep your worldview intact to plug your fingers in your ears and say “LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU” like a toddler?

Actually read up on the facts of these cases. Don’t prize ignorance so strongly.


Oooooh, burn!

* there should be notice on there somewhere about how not HOT that burn was!



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