Police officer has strong words for robber of local restaurant


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This shouldn’t amuse me as much as it does.


Man, the condescension in that cop’s voice (“son”) is painful.

But in contrast to most of the stories about cops these days, I’m pretty much on his side. Go get 'em, Fife.


Burglary is not robbery. Robbery is a crime of violence against a person, burglary is a crime against property.

As for this cops “strong words” I couldn’t agree more. Almost makes me want to go have a cheeseburger with fries at Stelly’s myself!


Favoritism on display. The Southern way.


This gentleman, while professional all the way through, seems livid that someone would dare burgle that establishment. His video is pretty darn amusing, and good on him for defending the restaurant. I hope they catch the criminal, and if they don’t i hope the community supports the business to make up for the break in.


Ahh… election time!


Notice the trout mask replica. Well - I’m goin’a burglarise you son. Beefheart you know it, you’ll be captained.

Ya’ll outta no, Ant man is out now. Bee there. *





I loved how the coke delivery truck showed up almost as if on cue for his spiel.


I guess it’s my anti-cop sentiment here, but I’m glad his favorite restaurant got burgled.


I kind of doubt the whole “harvested DNA off the rock” he used bit…


I too doubt the DNA harvest bit, but I admire this guy. You always hear people complaining about cops busting people speeding or people smoking a joint saying “Aren’t there REAL crimes here to solved?” Well here’s a real crime, and they’re trying to solve it. So yeah, good on them.


Yeah it’s not too different from cops lying during interrogation saying they have evidence or that someone else involved in the crime has already spilled the beans. I doubt the DNA thing, and even if they get any that still doesn’t mean they’ll be able to do anything with it unless they happen to already have the guy’s DNA on file.


This time, it’s personal.


You are technically correct! The best kind of correct! Note the layman boingboing got it wrong, but he cop said burglary.


Yes. I was expecting a lanky-gaited six footer dressed in black to get out of it.


Yeah! Fuck those small business owners; they shouldn’t have let cops eat there in the first place.


I’m sure they are loyal supporters of the police state, yes.


Yeah, me too. I have no capacity for finding cops amusing and/or human anymore.