Chicago cops deleted footage from Burger King security camera, says manager

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The guy’s name was McDonald and he was killed in Burger King? Sounds suspicious already…


Not now you’ve deleted it, anyway.

Suggestion to BK - install a different surveillance system recording the surveillance room.


What if the KKK morphed into dozens of splinter cells of various names: Quiverfull, Christian Patriarchs, Montana Freemen, Ferguson Policeman’s Association, etc., all intent on infiltrating the police and state/federal offices?

Who would nonviolent Americans turn to?


The video shows dashcam video from one of 2 police cars traveling without lights or sirens. One car accelerated to 94 mph and struck a car with 2 teens in it, killing them both.

The court ordered the police to preserve dashcam video so the lawyer for the kids’ families could establish whether it was customary for police to break the law. A police lieutenant ordered the dashcam videos erased. He was suspended for a day.


Sounds like pure rubbish.

Clearly a turf war hit. He should have known better.

Seriously though, this shit needs to fucking stop. I know, “not all cops”, but they need to fucking stop holding that thin blue line and exorcise the scum from their ranks.


Chicago is a scary place. I know that things are bad all over, but in many ways Chicago seems to be the gold standard for sinister behavior by authorities.


hmm, obvious, but still not funny

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Not sure what to call this kind of police behavior. Is it general “police corruption” or is it just called by the relevant crime - in this case tampering with evidence.


So, you have no constitutionally supported remedies for my observations of government abuse and fears of tyranny?

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Sounds like the police are having it their way.


tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, conspiracy whatever, accessory to murder where the shooting is unjustified, straight fucking criminals these guys.

Such patterns, lots of US PD’s could probably be indicted under RICO laws. Fuck going after individual officers, or rather, them too, but also just go straight at the organizations too since they are so clearly corrupt. RICO’s been used on PD’s before. Need moar


If I lived in Chicago I’d be organizing to camp out on the mayor’s lawn, or the head of the review board, or the cops involved. Those people don’t deserve to sleep until the parents get justice.


“We have no credible evidence at this time that would cause us to believe the Chicago Police Department purged or erased any surveillance video.” So the eyewitness statement from a District Manager isn’t enough to at least look at the footage of the time when he says five police showed up to delete footage. If five police showed up to the store to delete footage of the previous crime is there a chance there is footage of five police going in to delete video footage.


I’d imagine Ronald is the creepiest of uncles, so I kinda get it.

I bet, if you could see the missing footage, those cops probably rolled up on him by Sneak King up behind.

The missing data can easily be recovered. I highly doubt the “delete” function is DOD level data destruction.


You make a very confident assertion, so I presume you have considerable skills and a lot of experience in data recovery. Perhaps you could file a friend of the court brief and help set things to right.


i , even i , a lowly strictly amateur hippie type , have successfully recovered ’ accidentally deleted ’ files many times , from ’ accidentally ’ reformatted sd cards , ( ’ thanks ’ windoze erroneous error messages ) , from corrupt beyond loading windoze hard drives , and other media ~ not quite amateur model rocket level science , almost more like advance script kiddie level , almost as if the tools were meant to be used by well intentioned know-littles ~ ( this is an overview article , presented here more as a reference point than a recommended step by step tutorial for any specific case ) : ~ the point of relawson , while not proved beyond a reasonable doubt , does seem to have some potential merit ~

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What IF?