CA police raid medical weed dispensary, eat edibles, destroy cameras


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These are the shiznit!


Even if they were not eating marijuana edibles and “only” eating a protein bar they took then that is stealing and they should be prosecuted.


If the cops destroyed the video cameras and took the hard drives, how did the attorneys get these video? Was there a hidden secondary recording system in case this sort of thing happened?


And if not, why not? It’s not exactly unforeseeable.

It’s becoming more and more clear turning videos over to the “authorities” accomplishes nothing at all. They must be posted on Youtube for maximum embarassment. And maybe auto-tuned.


Let’s say, purely hypothetically, that the cops brought their own protein bars and only ate those during the raid. Dismantling the cameras sounds like tampering with evidence, and making fun of an amputee is something that, at the very least, should result in some retraining for the officers.

In short even if they didn’t take a few samples these cops are still potentially guilty of criminal behavior.


ONE GRAM of THC? Yeah I bet they’re good lol


It’s truly frightening to look at that video and realize that the “criminals” being raided look and act like normal people and the “law enforcement officers” look and act like a gang of criminals and thugs.


They do? Thugs are devotees of Kali. If I were going to stereotype them, I doubt if I would do so in the form of armored police.


There clearly was a second DVR because the video contains parts from after the first DVR was completely disconnected.


i know cops can destroy doors and access ways in order to perform a raid, and i know they can probably take anything that they want out of the building as long as they log it properly as possible evidence, but since when is it okay for them to destroy security fixtures when it is not necessary to complete the collection of evidence?

it also seems parts of the security system could have been the building owners, and that they may have not been guilty of or party to any criminal act.

but despite the specifics, the entire raid seems very suspicious.


By golly I’m going to stare at the screen with a furrowed brow for a while about this.


Roger That!


It’s just not fair how the media is stirring up public attitudes against the police lately by showing what the police do.


I’d go so far to say “is rather clearly an attempt to destroy evidence”, rather than merely sounding like it. It’s not like there’s a valid reason for them to do it.


They look more like Vandals.


I would never become a police officer because I would be terrified of what my heavily armed colleagues would do to me if they thought I wasn’t being enough of a “team player”.


I don’t know about Kali…and it seems like your link has mixed views on the subject, but a close fraternity that worked together surreptitiously to build false trust and use it as a weapon to kill and plunder sounds about right to me.


Why did they point guns at unarmed non-threatening people?


You’d end up like Adrian Schoolcraft. Assuming you’re actually a good cop, rather than an apathetic enabler that all the cop apologists seem to be referring to when they say “good cop”.