Watch an NYPD Detective pocket $2,650 during a loose cigarette sting



Of course he wasn’t arrested. He’s not a citizen like you or I. He’s special. He’s a cop.


Like one of my favorite scenes from Bad Lieutenant.


Just a little ‘civil forfeiture’. With the right paperwork, it’d probably even be legal. Anything to keep the kids off drugs.


It is good to see this sort of thing being taken seriously, even if it only happens when there is clear video evidence.

That wad was clearly resisting arrest and reaching for his gun.


I would argue that it’s not being taken seriously- if it were, he’d be arrested for theft under color of law.


Cyrus is a corrupt cop now?


I want to feel outrage, but I keep getting stuck at becrogglement. This is not being surprised (yet again) by cellphone footage. It’s a convenience store, in a city, near the register. Of course there was a camera. How could he not think of that? How many times has he, as a cop, looked at similar theft footage from similar cameras?


at least he wasn’t placed on paid leave, which seems to happen when cops are investigated.


To be clear, a cop who steals $2,000 on video will get suspended but not arrested even though there is evidence for his crime.

Meanwhile, someone who already has bail set for a crime with no evidence (handing a gun to a girl, and their fingerprints are not on the gun, and there is no video evidence), AND HAS PAID HIS BAIL, will still be held by police and not released.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking the justice system has anything to do with justice at all. It’s a huge machine WE all propped up and support, and it’s mostly a meat grinder that ruins lives, with our criminal justice system ruining the most lives of any system on the planet. For the people caught in it, we are the least free country in the world. (And for statisticians, too.)


The NYPD clears about sixty-odd percent of reported violent crimes and something less than one-quarter of property crimes.

So let’s put a team of veteran detectives on - the loose cigarettes sting squad!

After all, people who are raped, mugged, and burgled aren’t costing the city any cigarette tax revenue.


I just want to say that I’m glad that police are taking the scourge that is the loosey cigarette seriously.

Big Government activists… please meet Big Government


Yes, it’s not like corporations ever steal…we clearly need less government, then all stealing will stop. : )

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So what’s the deal with selling loose cigarettes, anyway? I can’t quite see why it should be a problem in the first place.

  1. Taxes – loose cigarettes generally are black market (and so no taxes paid) and not being sold in packs makes tracing their origin harder
  2. The idea that selling loose cigarettes encourages smoking (because people may have the spare change to buy a couple of cigarettes but not enough to buy a pack or carton).

Only a sense of impunity could explain what he did— a feeling that has, so far, been validated by the absence of any charges, let alone an arrest.


Your strawman-ing effort to rope this story into a favorite conservomeme would be hilarious, if it weren’t so damn sad.


I read recently that the City of Ferguson is dealing with a $3 million shortfall because they have stopped issuing citations intended solely for revenue, along with the news that of their 21K residents, nearly 16K had arrest warrants issued in the last year. Lack of integrity and corruption in LEOs combined with a war on the poor…

From sea to shining sea. :hankey:


Hey, for all that cop knows, they’re going to be rolling those bills up into more loose cigarettes. Or even those *gasp* marywanna cigarettes!

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