Watch an NYPD Detective pocket $2,650 during a loose cigarette sting

You have to understand cops are under a lot of pressure. The anxiety of being recorded while abusing your power, why, it’s enough to turn anyone into a kleptomaniac.

Neither of these rationales make any real sense, though. Is it really because big tobacco wants people smoking more?

I don’t think Big Tobacco has that much power in the developed world anymore. The big tobacco companies have long come to the conclusion that the developed world is a lost market - they have been focusing on taking their profits into other industries and on making American tobacco brands a status symbol in places like China were smoking is still socially acceptable

The first rationale may not “make any real sense” but it’s quite real nonetheless.

The proportion of law enforcement time that is devoted to keeping revenue flowing out of peoples’ pockets and into the government coffers is quite large compared to that which is devoted to protecting and solving crimes with actual victims.

May I suggest that this is how not to do it? You are “kicking the progressives in the nose” and it just irritates them and causes a reflex reaction.

See my post immediately upthread of yours, which makes exactly the same point but with an illustration showing absurdity rather than political rhetoric.

Yes, I think the only thing here that makes any difference lately is that there are more cameras about, like here, and that other shooting last week - and both cases would be nowhere without that crucial video evidence. All the more reason for cops to wear tamper proof cams.

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