Man claims to have been beaten up by savage feminists at the Women's March


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Was his plan to inspire a reaction against the march for their alleged violence or is this just trolling?


nice example of how privilege only becomes felt once it is under attack.

I doubt that any person considering himself a “real man” would have posted any such story - even if true - a few years ago for fear of being ridiculed for getting beat up by a woman. Seems we are past that stage - even MRA now admit they fear women.

But instead such a story is posted in an attempt to discredit the women’s marches.

Especially telling is the exchange contained on the full image on the linked imgur-page. There someone claims “dude, you are sickening, we need to always stand with the victim” (meaning in this case the supposedly beat up man) which basically is an appropriation of a demand that only makes sense with regards to unprivileged persons.

In other words, whenever men get beat up we only have a duty “to stand with the victim” if those men had been beat up by persons with more privilege then themselves.


Sounds like one of those sad dudes who take compensatory misandry gifs literally.

I say we slap him down!


I attended my local Women’s March on Saturday afternoon. After reading this guy’s story I feel grateful that I escaped with my life from all those vicious feminists. When will America realise how oppressed my fellow white cisgender males are? Wahhhh…


#notallwomen and all that, but I can certainly attest that some women cannot resist popping a pimple if they see one festering on you (I’m looking at you, ladies from my high school swim team)



Am I the only one who notes that these screenshots of tweets that are no longer available, posted by someone who only just registered to imgur, are taken from a russian twitter user account?


I don’t know… the most interesting thing for me was “leprecons”. Would that be participants at a fan convention for lepers? I admit that would be unsettling.


Is it bad that I’m laughing at him?


OMG, the one with Strawberry jam! LOL!


What go good with Strawberry Jam?



In Thailand you pay extra for this sort of thing.

what a freaking toolbag.


Dude should get a job with Project Veritas.

I witnessed quite a few men marching at the Women’s March near me, so the logic of him being attacked simply “because he is a man” doesn’t make much sense.

[edited to add: for the record I wasn’t marching, I just happened to be in Harvard Square at the same time. I always seem to be out of the loop on these things.]



Some people just can’t tell the difference between being annoyed by equality, and being oppressed.


Any real man would know to use Raspberry Jam. :wink:


I cracked up when i scrolled down to it and saw it.


Al will not be swayed by your evidences. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I was thinking more along the lines of tiny green Transformers.