Watch: When gentleman grabs topless woman's breast at a music festival she clobbers him


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I missed the part of the video where she grabs ahold of his testicles and takes those with her. In other words not sure if he got what he deserved.


Not what I’d call a gentleman.

How did the person taking the video know to track and zoom on that low-life, repeat offense?


I think she should have used a knee or foot, way more power than the average fist and he obliged by sitting down.


Disappointed by ineffectual clobbering. Next time carry a bat.


Why didn’t the men next the that predator do anything?


“Bros before hoes, bro.”


Yeah, a solid kick in the balls at the very least seems appropriate.


They probably figured he deserved the beating. In fact the guy on the right seems to be holding him still while she hits him.


I should have phrased that differently. Men, don’t be passive and just watch while a sexual assault takes place. Get up off your shoulders and stop it. If beating a sexual predator about the head and neck are not your thing, sit on them until the cops show up.


I misinterpreted. Good question though. His friends are probably cut from the same cloth and I wouldn’t be surprised if they dared him to do it.


That guy should be arrested and charged with sexual assault. :angry:


Sounds like a measured and highly appropriate response, to me.


Is linking to a video of this incident (which was not likely shot and posted by the woman or her friends) kosher, though? Especially when it’s being linked to for commercial purposes, which I would say a post on boingboing most certainly is, as it’s a commercial site? Speaking ethically here, not legally.

Edit: My point being, she probably didn’t want her breasts grabbed. I’m thinking she probably also might not like a video of this being posted on the internet?


I assumed they were recording the topless girl and it just got more interesting than expected.


I think it depends on the law where the incident took place. IANAL but I believe if this happened in Ontario, Canada, you might be violating the law by showing topless women in public for commercial purposes. Then again, if this happened in Ontario, everyone would be wearing parkas.

Ultimately, it’s Google’s responsibility, and linking to it shouldn’t be an issue.


My point again was more ethically, not legally.


Why do that? Did he not know what breasts feel like? Poor guy, one of his overweight male friends should have let him cop a feel.


The video is 20 seconds long. I know our anti-patriarchy circuits should be on emergency standby at all times, but we can’t all have the same hair-trigger reflexes.


Sorry, that idiot is NOT a gentleman. She can walk around dressed how ever she wants, a gentleman might appreciate the view, but it stops there unless the lady in question offers an invitation for anything else.