Silent Hello: Lionel Richie's classic music video, but without the words


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That is pretty damn funny - it’s got to be the best one yet, or at least the best of the ones I’ve seen, if I haven’t seen them all. I guess having creepy and hilarious source material to work with helped.


Is it as good as Utah Saints unplugged?


Better, even. Plus, Lionel Richie’s modified video has the added benefit of pointing out how absurd the original was, too.


Thanks so much for the jerky, pointless 1.2 second GIF. That’s exactly what the article needed - to look like it was put together by a 12 year old. Can we stop with the useless, seizure-inducing GIFs now?


This. Channel. Is. Stupendous.

Scotty, send a hailing frequency to @Donald_Petersen


Oh man, that’s rich. Internets, you have earned your pay today!

I thought nothing could be funnier than the squeaking of the latex and Spock’s sniff, but then the whistle at 2:00 and I came apart completely.

Oh man oh man oh man, I can’t breathe…


I kinda want him to do Billy Squier’s “Rock Me Tonite,” but the original video is already too cringeworthy.


No. No we can’t. We’ve asked, and the answer is no.


I like the .gifs. Sometimes I don’t have to watch the videos.


Is this one of those cases? No. No it isn’t.


Ha! All the squicky lip noises! Laughing. Still. More laughing.


No, but it sounded like you were calling for the stopping of all the .gifs. I would rather have some useless ones than none.

Though you may have been genuinely calling for stopping only the useless, seizure inducing ones.




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