Silicon Valley's outsourced moderator army


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So that explains your use of moderators from Fantastica Fantasia


I was a content moderator for three years, leaving shortly before our office was outsourced to the Phillipines.

Their conclusions are mostly right: you have high burnout, and moderators drop off in usefulness after a time. Some a month, some a year or more. A lot of people quit after the first day.

Like the article says, you start to assume everybody is like that. It’s your primary interaction with other people. The primary coping mechanism is humour, and you will find yourself having incredibly fucked-up conversations while you work and finding them hilarious. It’s okay. That’s how people deal with things.

After I left it took a few years before I reset back to normal. I’m still glad I did the job (you’d be surprised how often a a thorough knowledge of sexual fetishes, drug terminology and federal crimes in multiple countries comes in handy) but it definitely changed how I view others.


A friend of mine who worked at Fotomat during college would agree with you.


I can’t even imagine moderators are a big enough expense to be worth outsourcing. Really? Like… on or where?

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