Simon Pegg discusses geek culture and the infantilization of society

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If he actually gets to write the next Star Trek, I think he can a little social bite to it… which the last two movies have been seriously lacking.

My money is on him getting booted though and they’ll instead do a rehash of Mudd’s Womens without that pesky “what’s makes a women beautiful” crap and more space battles.

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Simon Pegg for President of Earth.


Pegg explains he’s been interested in prolonged adolescents

I really, really don’t think you meant to type that.


Those are adolescents who continue to live.


A Brave New World.


Yes, what’s old is new.

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An apt analysis. I cannot help but compare this to a popular hypothesis in evolutionary developmental neuroscience positing that the (continuing?) extension of childhood (i.e. delayed adulthood) for homo sapiens sapiens is closely related the species’ development of a brain with a greater potential for intelligent behavior than other animals. This delay is arguably a form of neoteny, and there is evidence in other species suggesting this correlation between increased intelligence and delayed maturity. Baudrillard would likely take issue with this hypothesis, however.



Well, Simon Pegg is a big poopy head.


Are these external “forces” that control us really that brilliant to coordinate and carry it out? I think of our ineffective government or the shortsighted industries and the out of touch billionaires and assume there is no way they can put this together. Then I wonder if that is all part if the act, or are the humans just asking for it themselves?

Nerd culture reference: Cypher knows the steak isn’t real, but he wants it so badly that he is able to give up everything for it.

Didnt know this side of Pegg, excited to explore more, thanks!

Infantilization works! It’s how we domesticated dogs and cats, and apparently there’s some superior sort of being that’s using it to domesticate humans.

Oh boy! We’re having dog food again!


The whole essay is worth reading. Good on Pegg.

A counter-example is Black Mirror, the British dark-satire anthology show.


Brings me back to my childhood.

“Nerd culture is the product of a late capitalist conspiracy, designed to infantilize the consumer as a means of non-aggressive control.”

I really wish Pegg hadn’t walked back that original comment, which I think is quite accurate. Pop culture, including nerd culture, infantillizes us and helps misdirect us from the most valuable (critical) areas of our attention. The existence of quality works like Ex Machina doesn’t disprove the claim; the better the work, the more effective it is as an instrument of mass distraction.

I understand that’s a risky thing to say out loud, especially for a guy who makes a very good living creating amazing nerd culture. But the world would be a better place if everyone spoke the truth as they see it, especially famous celebrities. Courage is contagious, after all.


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