Simple rules for healthy eating


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So the Bloomin’ Onion is back on the good list? Anybody wanna go out after work?


Do yoga daily and be healthy.

My cardiologist, of all people, told me to eat more salt. My blood pressure is naturally really low. So low at my last visit, in fact, that he was concerned about me driving home!


I see you have not yet read the rest of the article. This is why we can’t have reasonable diet advice! :wink:

I know you’re kidding, but really, it’s so common. For example, “Reduce carbohydrates when trying to lose weight” should really mean “of all the food groups, refined carbs have the fewest other nutrients, and if you diet you’re going to cut something, so…” but in practice people hear, “Eat all the eggs and bacon you can find! Pasta is Satan!”


Everything in moderation. Including moderation.


I actually did read the article, and was shocked at the unbridled moderation. This could be devastating for the sensationalism industry. Imagine if everybody stopped buying fad diet books - economic chaos!


Food, all food should be a pleasure.

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Ha, mine my blood pressure is high but salt wasn’t the issue for me. It was a genetic since my relatives, grandparents, queen ant, etc. have high blood pressures. :frowning:

I wouldn’t count on that happening.


It’s actually amazing to me that lard used to be thought of as a health food.

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That’s just what the people of the future will say about the stuff we eat today.

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