Simple silicone garlic peeler

Similar to ROUS’s, I don’t believe garlic stank exists.

You know what’s even easier? Whack it with the flat side of that knife you already have in your hand.


This is the correct answer.

Doesn’t work nearly so well if you need an intact clove of garlic at the end of the peeling step.

But then, I bought my peeler tube from one of the direct-from-China retail sites and paid something like $1.38 for it.

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Check out the master’s technique at :58:

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I whack it with the side of my hand that I already have… as my hand?

No tube.

Also, it feels a lot better. It’s nice to have things in life you are supposed to hit.

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I must be doing it wrong, mine has never really worked well.

When I got pepins complete technique, I was so blown away I bought a copy for a few like minded friends.

That guy… Wow.

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Damn, I just want his knife skills.

They are just so… Deceptively simple. I brag about music and baking and all sorts of stuff, but he isn’t in a different league, he isn’t even playing the same sport :slight_smile:

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If the goal is not to touch the exposed clove, what are people doing with it after it has been peeled?!

Wash your hands with soap or rub a lemon or lime over them and the odor will be minimal.

Isn’t part of the joy of cooking that you can get a little dirty?

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