Simple silicone garlic peeler


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###Space reserved for cast iron quip I haven’t thought of yet.


The real genius is selling silicone tubing for $10 a foot.


Previously on BB.

And even before that…


Typical. Mark and I like the same things, but I’m younger than he is so I run a bit behind.


Don’t forget: China TV news confuses Fleshlight sex toy for rare edible mushroom

I’m glad they found another use for the base model fleshlight…


I was going to say: Someone, somewhere, wants to put their dick in it…


My hands don’t smell of garlic.

This sounds like a flaw, not a feature. Garlic smells great!


My God! I don’t have this! How can I still be alive?


I’ve had one for years and it really does work!


My poor garlic-ravaged fingers! I should take up Irish cooking, much less spice danger there.


Need some recipes?


I prefer the ‘put it in a lidded tupperware and rattle the shit out of it’


What I really want to know is how do you organize all your kitchen gadgets?


drawers of loose stuff. I have been considering a reorg for a while. My kitchen is really, really poorly organized.



These work, but if you’ve a bunch to do (courtesy of this site):


I use that technique all the time, but what he doesn’t tell you is you’ve gotta remove the hard root section. Takes a second, but if you don’t half of you cloves won’t peel.

Other than that, it is virtually perfect.


A cocktail shaker works great, too, and far less clang-y than the double-bowl method. Bonus: the stainless steel helps remove the garlic-stank from your hands.


Oh look, same result, one less thing in your kitchen:

Take five of your six dollars and send it to me!