Simplify Email: advanced filtering for any IMAP email


I use PGP / GPG for as most of my email. I wonder if I would be able to still use SimplifyEmail?

Well, I guess if you’re stuck at the MUA or MDA layer this makes sense. It would be simpler and more meaningful at the MTA, though, since the email envelopes have already been discarded by the time the IMAP protocol is applicable.

This looks a ton like OtherInbox (, which I’ve been using for quite some time and like a lot. OIB is free, although they monetize you by selling stats (all aggregate, no personal info). One big difference is they have a team that does all the training for you, sorting senders by category.

Disclaimer, I did about 6 months of consulting for them and the founder is a good friend, but I’d recommend the service either way.

Should have checked the link - I actually meant their Organizer product. Saves me a ton of time by moving all email that wasn’t from an actual person out of my inbox.

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