Simpsons character to die




[Insert joke about the entire show dying years ago]


Maggie Simpson.


You beat me to it.


Definitely Bart.

Hopefully, they'll at least follow the basic instructions for killing off a fictional character.


Mr. Burns!

Oh.. wait...


My bet is on Marge's mom.


After all these years aren't they ALL iconic characters? I say it's the cat.


I think it says something that I haven't watched in so long that I don't know which iconic characters are left.


It is going to be Apu. Hank Azaria recently realized how inappropriate it is to do that voice.


Holy cow!


Poor Disco Stu frowning


Agree. There have been news articles about how this once "humorous" stereotype is now outdated like the Italian grocer and Irish policeman of my youth. In a way, it's too bad since Apu is a positive character in many ways except for the racist portrayal. Maybe he could just receive a head injury or something and wake up without the accent?


Wow. Ned and Edna wound up together?

Last time I tuned in (I think it was the Neil Gaiman episode) I was entertained, but since I got rid of cable years ago I can't be troubled to watch it anymore.


Poor Gil…


A certain character, wronged (for real or in his own mind?) so many years ago, forms an uneasy alliance with Bart to open (spoiler alert!) a fast-food chain that competes with his original nemesis. Hilarity ensues as this character spirals down on his helicopter moptop of ever-increasing hubris and rationalizations. In the end, in one last selfless act, he shields Bart from (something, I dunno - we'll get to that after lunch) and dies, kinda-sorta, by his own doing.



Here's a hint:


That's who I thought of, too. He is just played out. His appearances have become ridiculously self-referential even by Simpsons standards. A reasonably well-written death is probably the best thing left to do with him.


What’s racist about having a foreign accent? It’s not a bad made-up version of an accent like old cartoon Chinamen (“Ah so! Velly solly — No tickee, no shirtee!” etc.) that no real Asian actually sounds like. Is it that white voice actors aren’t allowed to voice nonwhite characters? Would Bleeding Gums Murphy have somehow become a racist portrayal if his voice actors hadn’t been black?