Simpsons character to die


[Insert joke about the entire show dying years ago]


Maggie Simpson.

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You beat me to it.

Definitely Bart.

Hopefully, they’ll at least follow the basic instructions for killing off a fictional character.


Mr. Burns!

Oh… wait…

My bet is on Marge’s mom.

After all these years aren’t they ALL iconic characters? I say it’s the cat.

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I think it says something that I haven’t watched in so long that I don’t know which iconic characters are left.

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It is going to be Apu. Hank Azaria recently realized how inappropriate it is to do that voice.


Holy cow!


Poor Disco Stu :frowning:

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Agree. There have been news articles about how this once “humorous” stereotype is now outdated like the Italian grocer and Irish policeman of my youth. In a way, it’s too bad since Apu is a positive character in many ways except for the racist portrayal. Maybe he could just receive a head injury or something and wake up without the accent?


Wow. Ned and Edna wound up together?

Last time I tuned in (I think it was the Neil Gaiman episode) I was entertained, but since I got rid of cable years ago I can’t be troubled to watch it anymore.

Poor Gil…

A certain character, wronged (for real or in his own mind?) so many years ago, forms an uneasy alliance with Bart to open (spoiler alert!) a fast-food chain that competes with his original nemesis. Hilarity ensues as this character spirals down on his helicopter moptop of ever-increasing hubris and rationalizations. In the end, in one last selfless act, he shields Bart from (something, I dunno - we’ll get to that after lunch) and dies, kinda-sorta, by his own doing.

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Here’s a hint:


That’s who I thought of, too. He is just played out. His appearances have become ridiculously self-referential even by Simpsons standards. A reasonably well-written death is probably the best thing left to do with him.


What’s racist about having a foreign accent? It’s not a bad made-up version of an accent like old cartoon Chinamen (“Ah so! Velly solly — No tickee, no shirtee!” etc.) that no real Asian actually sounds like. Is it that white voice actors aren’t allowed to voice nonwhite characters? Would Bleeding Gums Murphy have somehow become a racist portrayal if his voice actors hadn’t been black?

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