Simpsons opening remade as genius 16-bit pixel animation



This is an excellent 16-bit, er 8-bit animation. It is a wonder the Simpsons have not already used something like this before or have they?.

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Cute, I sitll like the 8bit fad.
This combines two nostalgias as I did like Simpson from season four to about nine, since then I have seen no un-shark-jump indications.

I was thinking the same thing. If they hadn’t already changed the opening so significantly I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers decided to use this as-is. And they may even do so.

Side note: in the new opening when Marge hits Homer with the car my spouse said “Finally!”

For proper 8-bit goodness, shouldn’t the amount rung up on the cash register be $65.02?

In not-first season sequences, It usually doubles up to $486.52 when Maggie is passed through the scanner.

Paul robertson is a monster.

Here’s his stuff, if someof you heathens still don’t know him.

Is there an art genre called “hallucinogenic sci-fi occult disco temple”? 'cuz holy shit this guy is to that what Chuck Close was to giant head portraits.

Yeah, I was going to say - in what way is this “16-bit?”

That was awesome. A golden opportunity missed, IMO, would have been to have Bart as Wonder Boy in the skateboarding section.

Ah, Paul Robertson brought us Kings of Power 4 Billion% and .Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight. No wonder it looked familiar.

Actual 16-bit Simpsons.


It’s a shame the opening theme is more of a draw for the show than the show itself.

Aesthetics-wise and considering the graphic capabilities of 8-bit vs 16-bit, it actually is much more accurate to call the video “16-bit animation” rather than “8-bit animation”, although some parts even a 16-bit console could maybe not have handled.

A 16-bit animation that only uses 8 of them, then?

Also the Scott Pilgrim and Mercenary Kings video games.

[quote=“daneel, post:11, topic:51122, full:true”]Actual 16-bit Simpsons.[/quote]Those Acclaim games were pretty darn crappy, though some of the chiptune riffs on the theme remain with me to this day.

The Don Hertzfeldt opening was spectacular – though probably not so much to the vast majority who are unfamiliar with his work, alas.


Indeed. Sadly, not enough people are familiar with his work. Which is why I get so many odd looks when I bust out a random “My anus is bleeding!”

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I find it interesting to compare 2015’s stylized, fluidly animated and meticulously crafted neonostalgic imagining to what people really did with the technology in 1991.

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8 bit animation seems like the kind of thing that is, or at least was rigorously defined. However, I’ve never had a console, and the Apple II had fairly primitive graphics.

The palette looks 16-bit-ish to me. And since the palette is literally the only thing distinguishing “8-bit” and “16-bit” art, well, there you go.

(I guess you could argue that animation quality, in terms of size and number of frames, also counts, but that’s an even stronger argument for 16-bit.)

Edit: I guess I wanna ask, in what way is it not “16-bit?”