Wonderful old video game art coupled with haunting prompts

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Is it possible to call a single sentence a “snippet of fiction”? Feels a bit like calling the elastic band you fire from your finger a piece of “small ballistics engineering”.

“I don’t know whether all the images therein are ‘technically’ 8-bit”

We can clear this up readily.

8-bit vs. 16 bit in colloquial terms describes the gap between 8 bit CPU’s in game consoles and 16-bit consoles. This was usually associated with a gap in color palettes, but not universally so (the TurboGrafx16, for example, had an 8 bit CPU with a 16 bit GPU).

A lot of these look to be PC games, so to be perfectly pedantic, it would likely be 16 or 32 bit art regardless of palette. If you want to get into describing bits and palettes, with some practice you can eyeball the bitness between 1 and 24 bits:

I :heart: you pedantic.

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