8-bit instant photo gun


…but do you have the balls to go and assert your constitutional right to take photos of police with that camera?

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"noisy fans driven by "Conway's Game of Life," which I learned, is a "cellular automation" invented in the 70s by John Conway.
Turn in your nerd badge. Now.

I really like this, although for reasons of cowardice I’d want a boxier, less gun shaped version, but can someone explain to me in what sense this is 8-bit? I think the gameboy screen is 2-bits and I’m not even sure the printer is achieving that.

The CPU handles 8 bits at a time. Compare to today’s 64-bit processors (although that has to do with the addressable memory space, and 8-bit computers weren’t limited to 255 bits of memory)

I can’t quite believe I didn’t consider the CPU. I was so wrapped up in the quality of the pictures.

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