Sinaloa cartel flies more aircraft than Aeromexico

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Yet another reason to legalize drugs.


Of course they have more planes - they’re flying lots of small planes they can afford to lose, compared to fewer big planes with lots more cargo. Back during the 80s invention of the coke-trafficking business, smugglers would occasionally fly planes to the US and just abandon them.

Background music - Peter Rowan playing “Free Mexican Air Force”

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I hear they’re getting a custom paint job.


I’m curious: it doesn’t seem terribly surprising that the feds might not be willing to risk a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ policy toward just any civilian aircraft whose flight plan isn’t entirely in order or is otherwise irregular, so I’m not surprised that they’d have little trouble getting the aircraft in; but I would have assumed that radar tracking(just the stuff done for air traffic control and aviation safety, never mind anything done specifically for border security or counternarcotics purposes) would make it relatively easy to see where the planes are going and give you the opportunity to meet them when they land or attempt to determine where they might be dropping a few care packages for collection by local assistants.

Am I overestimating the capabilities of radar? Are they doing some kind of hairy low altitude terrain following to stay under cover? Is there just too much “when I said ‘out in the sticks’ I meant ‘really, really, out in the sticks’” territory to chose from for landing purposes?

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It’s my understanding that it’s a lot trickier to track planes by radar (especially small planes) if they have their flight transponders turned off and steer clear of carefully monitored areas like airports or military bases. I don’t think there’s a central system that keeps real-time tracking of every radar blip in US airspace.


Well, luckily this is exactly the kind of thing a giant thirty-foot tall wall will stop.


Besides the space in which the planes fly, there’s also the infrastructure the planes need to keep flying. Fuel, spare parts, the mechanics to keep them flying, the pilots… there is a lot of surface area for an adversary to mess with, if that were the intention.

But given the criminal proclivities of government, an intervention like this wouldn’t resemble law enforcement, so much as a gang war. And where’s the profit in that?

I’m also willing to bet that the cartel has infinitely more submarines than the Mexican Navy.


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