Sir George Martin 1926-2016

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Very sad. :frowning:
Perhaps a good occasion to repost this, one of my fave-ever things I saw on BB:

ETA: Update - the soundtrack of the Youtube clip linked in the BB post above has inexplicably been replaced with Old MacDonald. Here’s an alternative link.



This is terrible news for the Sanders campaign.


The genius at work in the Beatles/Martin relationship was simple, yet sublime.

Martin was an extremely talented musician, orchestrator and arranger as well as producer and engineer. He was old-school, but I don’t think that the members of the band would have listened to (and respected) anyone else working at that time. Martin was able to understand things normally past his experience (namely rock and roll), but it was because he could see the musicality that was inherent in what the Beatles were bringing to the table, which far exceeded anything that any other band was doing at the time. The genius was two-way, and that’s what made this the most successful collaboration in music history. Martin was a genius for what he did in channeling the amazing rush of creativity that came from these young boys, and their genius was in listening to him.


Better quality


Eh, “Octopus’s Garden” was ok, but they were no America.

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