Sir John Hurt, 1940-2017


That’s half the fun!

Also my own ‘go to’ source for fairly reliable info; has been for years now.


And…like that 2017 begins the cycle…

Soon all we’ll have left is Keith Richards and Haley Joel Osment.

Bon voyage Sir John!


Welllll… shit it.


2017, this is NOT what I asked for :cry:


Well, this sucks mightily. He was insanely good as Caligula in I, Claudius.

Also kind of prescient of modern day America…


Moore… Hurt… more hurt.


For everyone who thought 2017 would be better than 2016…

This pint’s for you, sir.

A minor role, but great in “The Field”, with Potter alum Richard Harris and Sean Bean.


Cross-posting for tribute.


I was thinking about posting that, and wondered if it was too soon.

It’s too bad this one was for real.


Anyone who has Sean Bean beat deserves credit for it.

RIP, Sir John.


The natural heir to Claude Rains, I always thought…


I’m probably going to hell for saying this, but since he’s had so much experience brilliantly playing the part of someone who died, I really hope they double checked this wasn’t one of those times.


The story of the BBS.


And just when we needed a War Doctor. RIP, Sir John.


I only know him from the “War Doctor” story, which I thought was pointless.

What else should I watch him in? (Er, pick two things.)


A pendant walks into a bar. It says, “I swing both ways.”


Being a Whovian I’ll always appreciate him grounding the otherwise silly (but fun) 50th anniversary episode.


Well there have been a lot of good suggestions here. Alien I like a lot but he dies early in that.
1984 was good.


The Elephant Man and The Naked Civil Servant.


Oh ,. . . now . . that hurts. No better Caligula, Fool, or Raskolnikov.