Sir John Hurt, 1940-2017


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MMXVII - The Dead Pool

He had a good run, but still this one stings.
Damn. Fuck. Damn.


I liked his work… but his voice. That fucking voice!



Oh, hell. From Shakespeare to 1984, from The Elephant Man to Doctor Who, and all the roles before, after, and inbetween he epitomized what it is to be an actor.

edit: I just looked at the post. Fuck, @beschizza, nice rickroll.


Farewell good Sir, and pleasant travels to you




I loved his dragon voice from Merlin. Among many other roles.


Also Watership Down.


No no nonono dammit. rip Sir John Hurt. :frowning:


Fuck. Just… fuck.


Erm, where’s the healthy scepticism? No other outlets have confirmed it, you only have TMZ’s report. If you jump on repeating this, you are a prime target for fake news. Please have some critical thinking when reading and repeating stuff. We’ll need it for the distraction smoke screen that seems to be this administration’s strategy for diminishing journalism, in favor of reactive reporting.


Possibly my first introduction to John Hurt (and Clive Owen) was the computer game Privateer 2. The gameplay was crap, but the live action sequences were pure low budget 90s sci-fi awesomeness.


FYI, TMZ may be shit, (and they are) but like a broken clock, they are occasionally correct.


Its all over Reddit now, from multiple sources.


Bbc website confirms it he’s gone.


Because it’s not like BB is filled with smart alecks, pendants, and wise guys who practically live to prove someone else wrong, or anything; and so we’re not highly likely to fact check everything that we hear or read…



[Runs away]


Typo, and I’m totes leaving it.

Thanks for helping to prove my point; come, let me hug you…

Wait, why are you running away?


Even when pointless and impractical.


Screw all the other news sources, if the BBC reports it I take it as gospel.