MMXVII - The Dead Pool


This is dedicated to my MMXVII Dead Pool competitors. Happy New Year!


Potential first score for @m_m?


C’mon Chuckie boy. You can do it!



First scoring pick of 2017 is Jimmy Snuka.

His high-flying in-ring career will be marred by the 1983 death of his then girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, on which he was due to face murder charges in court this year. Had his ill-health not led to those charges being dropped, the Argentino family may have seen the justice they’d long sought.

Scoring: Age - (120 - 73) 47 pts.

Bonus points:
FriST!!one!1! 10 pts.
No articles on Jimmy Snuka. BB’s lack of wrestling-related content is… disapp understandable.
Older than 27.
Despite his gimmick, not a banana related death. I may have had a outside chance had this been coconuts.
Not appearing in related movies. DId appear in “The Half-Life Horror from Hell or: Irradiated Satan Rocks the World!” which I mention just for the title.

Total Score = 57 points.


Second scoring pick of 2017: John Hurt

He’s worse than hurt, he’s dead!
Scoring: 120 - 77 = 43.
Rob Beschizza has a BB obit page: +25
Total Score: 68 points, until the Administrator says elsewise.

This totally makes up for my setting the oven on fire today and scorching the sweet potatoes,


No bananas, no other articles about him, no other bonuses, 68 points it is.


Not that it matters or I have proof but I almost picked Mary Tyler Moore.


My son and I both have Mary Tyler Moore and John Hurt on a more public-facing dead pool. We learned today that as they both passed on the same date we are awarded “Daily Double” bonuses and now we occupy fourth and second place respectively. I do not have the guts to post this on the “Victory!” topic.


Third scoring pick of 2017: John Wetton
In the heat of the moment I have only this NME URL for an obit, I hope a reputable source (BBC, Guardian, Rolling Stone) picks up on this
ETA: BBC obit

Scoring: 120 - 67 68 = 53 52 (tentative)

Updated to reflect Wikipedia’s corrected birthdate and Daily Fail’s age at death


…cuts away to the two-man commentary booth…

And The Professional shows no mercy to the other players as she takes her score into three figures with two scoring picks for the month of January. A fast start from the bookie’s favourite. Gene, can the other players even hope to compete?

Lemme tell you something Gorilla, it’s early days yet. Anything can happen and any player with ten picks has a chance. Narrow avoidance of the Daily Heil as a source may well have saved her from some penalty points or at the very least a warning from the Chairman and President Tunny. But no mistake, this is a very strong showing here and the other players have some considerable ground to make up if they hope to take the title.

As long as they don’t take matters into their own hands, right Gene?

Precisely. And with that, it’s back to the action.

…crossfade back to ringside…


Edited for health status update. Thanks @daneel for the “Dead Celebrity” shoutout.

Fourth scoring pick of 2017: Joost van der Westhuizen
Obit headline, pic from BBC Sport online
45 years old at time of death (20-2-1971 birthdate)
Scoring: 120 - 45 = 75 (tentative)


Brutal. Helluva player, too.

ETA: Takes your score up to 196 points. :open_mouth:


Slow and steady wins the race.

Just kidding, we’re dealing with a pro here.


My plan for “nul points” is going marvellously.


I got off to a good start a little too early, then sort of petered out.

There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.


I got a lucky break, but I think it’s going to be like watching Hamilton*. While he roars away leaving daylight between him and the pack, everyone else is racing for second**.

*The F1 driver, not the Accies.
**Which makes me Rosberg, I guess. FML.


I did actually have Westhuizen on my first draft.



And if you need more sads, here’s one dead rugby legend bringing down another.


You watch: George HW Bush will bite the dust, there’ll be 32 posts from early BoingBoing days about him, a major obit, and then @TobinL will be cackling from his lofty 373-point position.