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I can’t recommend truecaller enough. My cell phone has been getting a few calls a day from robodialers, and the app has quashed almost all of them.

The sheer amount of notifications and popups does get a little obtrusive at times.


And… don’t spook it … It has a Windows Phone App.

Shocking, I know. But it works as expected.

Non-app solution:
Create silent ringtone (oops. you might need an app for that)
Create contact called Ignore This
Configure Ignore This contact with silent ringtone and vibrate-off.
Assign spam numbers to Ignore This contact
Voila! - After the first time I hang up on them I am never aware they ever called again.

currently have 12 #s assigned. after an initial flurry, I have not had to add any numbers for many many months.

Salux make the best exfoliative cloths!

I use the “Italy towel”, confusingly made in Korea for the Japanese market - an amazing thing, also suitable for people who struggle to reach around!

Wait, you can combine still images, sound, and code in a multimedia file? Isn’t that called Flash?

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I got more ads from Truecaller then I do robocalls. So I use my contacts as suggested.

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