Six things Wordle's creator got right

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New challenge level: Each day, you have to start with the previous day’s word as your first guess. Worked really well yesterday (lucky choices), did pretty well today too.


That’s going to be extremely tricky for those of us who can’t remember what we had for breakfast, let alone what yesterday’s wordle was.


I go instead for a word that has multiple vowels, like “route.” I’m thinking that helps to establish more quickly which vowels the word has, and hopefully, where at least one of them is.


Screen cap it. I do that anyway to share with my GF once we both have it.

My first two guesses usually have a total of 4 different vowels to knock most of them out.


“Opine” has been a leader for me lately, but today’s really kicked my ass even though I got two letters out of the gate.


Heh, right?!!

I set it aside, still on line 4 and working on it, ugh!

And thanks, Opine is a good one. Oh for a 5-letter word that uses all 5 vowels! :laughing:

Edit: Finally got it on line 5.

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I like how he change his name to Wardle so as to create the association with his game Wordle. Very clever.


These are very encouraging for someone who only creates “finished” art/interactives as gifts. They do all feel incredibly satisfying, and so far it’s been the _only _ motivation that’s worked.

I keep a running spec for several video games I’d like to someday make, and anytime I feel like they are becoming stressful or strangers to me, I ask myself if I’m still designing the game I want to play, or am I trying to imagine some hypothetical market desires. It always grounds me.

After being burned by investing years of effort into learning “actionscript” and building several functional games in Flash (wah-wah) I’m pretty obsessed with avoiding platforms and instead building in javascript. Hopefully open-web does end up being a viable and long-term way to go.

P.S. I’m sure this has come up in the other Wordle threads, but if you google “wordle” is Wordles the logo…


For me that has been the big one. Wordle is a new game every 24 hours. It is also the same game for all of those 24 hours. So it isn’t “discover something kind of nifty, play it a whole bunch, and now I’m done with it and move on to the next thing”.

It may be that if I had unfettered access I would have solved 365 puzzles in three hours and then never come back, and that with only one try a day I’ll still stop at 365 puzzles, but I’ve already talked on BB and other places about world far more times then I would have if it had been a one-day wonder for me.


Funny, that’s the word that I chose when I first starting playing and it does work well.
Friend of mine mentioned that her favorite one to start with is Ouija due to the 4 vowels. Never occurred to me that would be a word in a word game as I figured it was a proper noun kind of thing. Don’t think you can play that in words with friends, for instance.


Since there are now 100 different wordle aps on the play store, is there a way to tell which is the original?

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No app. Just the website.


Great. Thanks!


I haven’t tried it yet as guesses are so precious, but does every entry have to be a legitimate word? Can you just type “aeiou” in the first line?

Unfortunately, “and sometimes Y” won’t fit in any event.

If you like Wordle and frustration, try Absurdle. Absurdle: Adversarial Wordle @ Things Of Interest


Yep, or at least one that’s in their list of legitimate words.


Typically ETAOIN SHRDLU would be your goto but five letter words have slightly different distribution to the whole of English make the “e.t” thing a bit less of a lock in. T goes down and S goes up “rotes” would be a little better I think, U is quite a bit down. Also IIRC y is more common in five letter words than the corpus in general.


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