Ska punk cover version of a song from Undertale

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It’s strange that Megalovania seems to be one of the most popular tunes from the game, considering that the only way to actually hear it involves very tediously and meticulously slaughtering everything in your way.

(Still need to try that one of these days. Last time I tried I was insufficiently thorough and my efforts were wasted. :frowning: )

Also please check out my kid’s trombone version from a few years back with multiple tracks laid down.


It’s a great game. I love the fact that in general you get penalized for fighting and being too aggressive. It’s such a different mindset from almost every other game I’ve ever played.


My daughter is going as Sans tonight. Couldn’t have come at a better time.

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I can’t even bring myself to attempt that, knowing that doing so sets a (nearly) permanent, global flag in your save data that follows you even if you switch files or erase your file!

It´s true.
In the end everything goes back to Ska.

Megalovania’s a pretty good track, and AIU it originally appeared in one of Fox’s previous games.

Also, doing a brassy version of Spear of Justice would probably be a bit redundant.

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