Skull pancake


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No attribution? Or am I thick?

Linkage is below the pic. :wink:


I have a hard enough time making a giraffe…

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So Death stalks both joy-riders and those who recklessly eschew healthy breakfasts? Am I detecting a theme here?


Death Rides a Pale Plate?


wow…that link to the blog made me realize that people are a bit insane about pancake art.

until i’ve had at least 2 cups of coffee my kids are lucky to get circles.


[squints] Yeah, I can definitely see Jesus in there. That’s amazing!

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Next up: Et in Arcadia Eggo.

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Death actually stalks everyone. If you avoid those activities, you wouldn’t live longer - but it will feel that way.

I have hard enough time making a circle.

There were leftovers from the sunday pancakes this morning, so I microwaved them up for me and the kids. Until my son said he wanted a “real pancake” from the freezer.


What’s with these black-and-white dichotomies?

Call them “amoeba pancakes” and you’re pretty much covered for everything.

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Oh, c’Mon, look at the site’s name – it is obviously the skull of Satan. [squints] Oh, saipan - nevermind…


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