Skydiving robot to capture video of skydivers


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I knew if I waited long enough this would be invented.


Now, combined with the vertical wind tunnel free-fall simulator, and a suitable VR headset, we can have virtual skydiving in real time!


When I went skydiving they deployed a human with a camera to get pictures. Not sure how this is an improvement on her.


Pedantic nitpick, (non-orbital) skydiving isn’t free fall. Free fall is falling without resistance, including atmospheric resistance. I wouldn’t bother pointing it out, but the video is by engineers and I’m surprised they let that slide.

I wonder what the logistics of a skydiving stereoscopic 360 camera rig robot would be. I guess I’ll find out the next time James Cameron makes a movie.

BB8’s distant ancestor?

The robot can’t unionize?



“It seems that you are plummeting to your death. Would you like me to record a video message to send to your next of kin?”


On the other hand - she could join me for a drink afterwards…


Who says robots can’t drink?



Who says that’s what I was hoping for?


Well, maybe this one can’t.



You grab on to the robot.


How does this thing “land”?


Damn, they’re going to have to be super careful programming this thing. Like, it has to be at least as reliable as a human skydiver - probably more so - because if it accidentally gets too close to someone, I can imagine some seriously bad outcomes.

Also, does this remind anyone else of JDAM?

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