Human rescues dying drone from sky


I like how his t-shirt depicts an abstract rendition of his drone rescue.


When the oposite happens it will be news…

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If me must have spoiler GIFs with every video, can we at least have those GIFs not auto-play? I had to hold my hand over the bottom of the screen to watch this as the repeating, flickering GIF was intolerable.


I think it’s impossible, but IANAITP.

I was disappointed, I was hoping for the kind of drone with hellfire missiles. Now that would be heroism! Clap your hands, children, or Droney will never fly again!

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If you’re using Firefox, try this extension, it adds a play / pause button on the GIF.:



  1. D(ud/ouch)ebro chooses low res, high altitude selfie via $300 drone over high res, low altitude selfie via $10 selfie stick/$0 left arm. (Based on the mid res, low altitude photos at the end, this may have actually been a wise choice.)
  2. D(ud/ouch)ebro either forgets to charge said drone or spend so much time setting up the aforementioned selfie that it runs out of batteries at altitude.
  3. D(ud/ouch)ebro risks his life/safety to save drone from crashing into the ocean.

Ipso facto, D(ud/ouch)ebro values his own life less than $300.

Drone rescues dying human from sky? Or, sky from drone dying rescues human?


Can we show this video to the Singularity while it’s musing over the purge of humanity?


Erm…I confess I’m having a hard time parsing your post but it sounds like you’re trashing everything about it. Personally I thought the video he was making was pretty cool looking (waves splashing on a beautiful beach in the evening light – what’s not to like?) and I don’t see how you could call it a selfie when he was just a spec in the distance for most of the video.

And what in particular makes him a “dudebro” or “douchebro”, whatever those mean?


And what in particular makes him a “dudebro” or “douchebro”, whatever those mean?

the soundtrack

Oh well that might explain it. I had the volume off.

Either or both, whichever you’d prefer.

Too bad about the phone in his left shorts pocket…


Sky rescues human from drone.

So much anger! So many assumptions.

Not to overly deconstruct your rant, but it’s equally possible (and indeed far more likely, if you count to ten and stop to think a little) that:

  1. The gentleman in question (to use the proper BB terminology) could well be a filmmaker doing critical work, location scouting, testing a new piece of equipment or any number of respectable worky things even though he’s not in a suit. Source: well, he is a filmmaker. Or indeed, just having fun at the beach with his expensive-ish toy. The gall!

  2. Such delicate and complex computer-aircraft things go wrong for a bunch of reasons, not all of them selfie-loitering related.

  3. It’s not impossible that this bit of exposure to chest-high seawater might kill this man in a variety of amusingly unexpected ways (I’m guessing it is Australia after all), but maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t such a death-defying stunt. Source: he survived. This time.

Anyway, made me smile. Good timing.

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The kerning on the title slide is causing me physical discomfort.

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