WATCH: Gentleman recovers old drone using new drone

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Wait, those hooks weren’t 3d printed? Lew-ser!


Call me when you reach the third recursion.


That is not a drone friendly neighborhood. Maybe fly the drones somewhere else?

Not sure what this guy did that was so weird, sleazy or stupid to get the “gentleman” designation. (Unwitting stooge facilitating the next, cooperative stage of our future overlords, maybe?)


Drone Uses Gentleman to Rescue Distressed Fellow Drone


I like that it’s “YouTuber” Harrisen Howes, and the apparent source is (YouTube).

Why do BoingBoing posts so rarely credit Reddit when it’s obvious that’s where they saw something? Is it that Reddit’s a bad word now, or that they want to make it look like the stumbled on it themselves (I just happened to be subscribed to “YouTuber” Harrisen Howes, who has posted exactly one YouTube video?).

I don’t mind the reposting at all — God knows we don’t need to read Reddit every day — but blogs across the web are notoriously poor at properly citing the original source, or eliding where they saw something. I’m just confused as to why.

(NB, this isn’t against Andrea James, who posts tons of original content, this is Boing Boing in general.)

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I now feel much better about the state of my back yard.

I was already expecting a third drone to enter, cut the cable with a laser claw, and let the first drone fly off by itself.

Dramatic music may over-promise.

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You don’t fly in the 'hood you want. You fly in the 'hood you’ve got.

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Indeed. There are certainly horrible people who use Reddit, but one shouldn’t believe their furious yawping about “Reddit culture”. All Reddit is is a forum site that lets anyone create and administer their own forums with their own rules. There are plenty of feminist/progessive/whatever subreddits that ban and remove abusive content, and there’s plenty of neutral hobby forums that just happen to use Reddit as a platform.

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So I’m not allowed to shotgun those fuckers out of the air?
Well I’m not allowed to smoke pot either.

Get your own one.
If you cannot beat 'em, join 'em.

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