Lifeguard drone in Australia saves two boys on its first day of service

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Deja vu all over again?


Yeap. Déjà vu:


Next up, emergency beer delivery


Well, considering how many people US drones have killed over the past decade or so, it’s nice to see one saving some lives…



There is a TV programme here in Australia which follows a rescue helicopter around, yanking people out of the water. I am pretty sure I have seen them use this exact location for a helicopter rescue It looked like an exercise then and it still does now.

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The other conversation closes in less than a day, so I’ll leave this one open. Thanks for the heads up, however!

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any word from the rescuees? They don’t look very tired to me and the shirtless guy has flippers. they might have body surfed those breakers w/o much effort. “thanks for the blow-up toy little drone, whoever you are”

Drones never go on Smoko:

Is there a drone for saving a person knocked unconscious by a package dropped out of the sky? Seriously, why not get a little lower before dropping the payload.

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