SkyHub Cloud 1TB Backup: Lifetime Subscription - 88% Off

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You’ve posted, and have had complaints about, this deal before:

I wasn’t able to get a refund. My mistake for not doing my own due diligence, but I’m still put-off all BoingBoing deals.


The WSJ blurb “Online file storage excellence.” is fishy, too - not many hits, only the BBS discussion you mentioned and two online storage providers: Skyhub and Livedrive.
If I had to choose I would use the second service, probably as shady as this offer but they have a cool address: Livedrive Internet, The Battleship Building, 179 Harrow Rd :smile:


Reading past discussion, this is clearly a fraudulent service. It doesn’t even pass a sniff test. It’s impossible to offer unlimited storage on S3 for just $49.

Why is BB pushing this rubbish?

I apologize for this being posted again. It may have been lurking in the schedule for a long time. I’ve trashed the post.


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