SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup: Lifetime Subscription - 85% Off

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The description says unlimited backup for 3 computers for life, is that 3 computers at any given time, like if you get a new one you can deactivate an old one, or locked to 3 specific machines forever? Is that 3 computers or 3 devices? Is your phone 1 computer? how does it back up your ios device anyway with the sandboxing of apps? is this just 1 user or can my family use it?

In the images they show 50gb active storage, and 100gb cold storage, with the ability to buy more but this seems to not apply to what is being sold right? This is unlimited? If you pay to add additional computers are they also unlimited?

I can’t find any information about this pricing plan on their site, like how much it is to add additional users or computers, which they say you can do, all the plans on their site are yearly or monthly.

Just trying to assess what this deal actually is.



I emailed them and asked this exact question when this deal popped up two days ago, and they haven’t answered me. I emailed Stack Marketing and their answer was “ask the vendor.”

I think the mobile portion is basically like dropbox … it isn’t backing up your mobile device, but the data from your computers that’s backed up can be downloaded to your mobile device. I think.

The promotion has a bit of a “too good to be true” vibe to it.


Also … what does it mean “Lifetime”? When I purchase this as a gift for my daughter can they guarantee that she gets some 60 years of ever-growing data?
How can we be sure that they are around a year or five years from now?

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I’m pretty sure that, as with anything, a “lifetime” subscription ends when the product’s life does.

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The “lifetime” may well be even shorter than the discount period at the BoingBoing store.

I “purchased” one of their free courses that was supposed to have “lifetime” availability. When I enrolled and started going through it, I found that the instructor had removed Lesson 3 and left a PDF there saying the course was now at Udemy and that I should go there and that all the courses would be removed from StackSkills by the end of the year. I sent a message to StackSkills and they said basically tough shit, they can’t control what instructors do with their courses, and that I should go over to their affiliate Udemy to finish the course. So much for “lifetime access”–access didn’t even last until the end of the free giveaway period!

I’m so glad I didn’t actually pay anything for it. I would definitely stay away from any subscriptions or courses offered on the BoingBoing store. I like BoingBoing a lot, but those guys running the store sound like ripoff artists who’ll be in the wind some dark night.

PS The course is still being offered at the BoingBoing store.


That sounds like something @beschizza should look into.


This is sounding like that dripbit deal from june. Zero transparency, owned by saudi shell companies, no reviews, SEO bombed for “dripbit scam?” I think this is the new thing, to sell lifetime services at 90% off, SEO flood, mass advertise your deal, then drop the company after a few months. BB closed the comments on that deal too so people couldn’t discuss the possible shadiness.

Don’t do it.
Hmm. I did just buy this on impulse and it’s clearly not what’s advertised. The ‘control panel’ is pretty sparse - it lists just a single available computer (not 3) and the ‘Download’ button (presumably to download the client) gives you an .exe file only (no OSX support despite the fact that the picture shows someone working on a Mac). There’s no mention of anything to do with mobile devices - presumably no native Android/iPhone clients - maybe a mobile-enabled website. Who knows?
So in short, the advert suggests a 3-machine, cross-platform package with mobile support. The reality seems to be (at best) a 1 machine Windows-only ripoff. I’m already looking into getting my money back.


Thanks–I sent him a message.

Looks like we need to take a good thorough look at some of these offerings. Thank you for the heads up. Stack Social handles our store support and you should be able to get satisfaction directly by contacting them though

And in the meantime I’ll talk to the others about the appropriateness of some of our picks.


Thanks for looking into this, Rob. :smiley:


Thanks also.

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this is a scam. you need to get it off of the front page of BB ASAP.

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Interesting that SkyHub does not show up in any of the lists of best cloud backup services (including the one linked from this BB article)


In addition, their site includes no contact information or policies. There are links to ‘upgrade’ without any explanation of what it means; it links to a contact page. The same contact page if you want to create an account.

Thanks, I contacted Stack Social’s support to see about a refund from them. I wonder if I should put a stop on the credit card payment though too.

“Lifetime” means the lifetime of the company. 5 years if you’re lucky.

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I did. I concur.

They’re liars to boot. “SkyHub” returns 0 results on WSJ. So maybe the phrase “Online file storage excellence.” exists on WSJ, but it’s got nothing to do with SkyHub.

They can go fuck themselves. And I’m legitimately disappointed in @boingboing for letting this dreck onto your website, damn The Spreadsheet. Be ashamed. It’s obviously a scam and either you’re complicit or doing no due diligence. I expect better. You’ve been credulously posting a lot of scams. Don’t expect any commerce from me till you clean up your act.