SkyHub Cloud Unlimited Backup: Lifetime Subscription - 85% Off

It’s still listed on the bb store btw:

Although removed from the front page (and therefore this conversation is now invisible without some significant digging around)…

Any advice on how to get a refund would be gratefully appreciated. I paid with Paypal. Do I stand a chance through their disputes procedure? I was trying to set it up on my Macbook, but of course as limbicsystem points out, the setup is an exe file!

I also have read their blog. I highly recommend that you all go read it as well.
Each post was slightly more cogent and revelatory than I had expected, and each was at least the equal of the others.
Marvelously consistent. Wonderfully informative in a meta-informative kind of way.

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I can’t even find their damn website. Do they even exist?

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Intrinsically Plagiarize Interactive, this post is called. Very informative.


I thought this store stuff was supposed to “curated?”

I didn’t think to check for a discussion page until I’d already checked out, and I don’t see a way to get a refund, the terms say “all sales final.” I’ve submitted a request all the same, we’ll see how it goes.

Shame on me for not doing due diligence I guess.

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Reputations are made (and unmade) with ill-considered offerings like this.

Bitten but not bitter.


Update: Having paid with PayPal, I raised a complaint and got a refund of the full about almost immediately. Suggest others do the same post haste.


Who did you complain to? Boing Boing Store or PayPal or both?

PayPal. No ifs, no buts, just a very quick refund.

Just looked back at the email trail. PayPal raised my complaint with StackCommerce and it was they who sent the refund through my PayPal account. Hope this helps.

Not that I have been following all of them systematically, but haven’t those promotions been received pretty badly pretty often?

Are they really worth it? I mean purely on a revenue per pissed-off customer basis.


Thanks G. I’ll try a PayPal email appeal.

Googling now turns up the exact same SkyHub ad (image and exact wording) on more and more of these “unbelievable discount deals” websites though the period of the offer varies. They all appear to be managed by the same Marketeers.

As Rob B. said, Boing Boing needs to review the BB Store arrangement (before it goes sour).

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They are all Stacksocial storefronts.

Allegedly the offerings are curated, but I see the same ‘offers’ and giveaways everywhere.

Sent complaints to StackSocial directly and filed a complaint with PayPal, linking them to this webpage both times. This is the email reply I got from StackSocial:

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out!

We have some important updates regarding your recent purchase of the SkyHub Cloud.

Please note that there is a slight delay between when you sign up and when the 3 computers are activated because they are being updated manually. Rest assured every account is getting updated.

Please click on the following link for Mac download link to redemption instructions.

Sincerest apologies for any inconvenience.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance with this order, we recommend contacting the vendor directly as they are the experts:

If you have any other questions, I’m here to help!



Yes, very helpful. PayPal confirmed my refund.

Thank you.

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