Slate asks: Can you sum up the Declaration of Independence in a tweet?

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Witty? How about simply true?

We rich white men want to get richer quicker.


Yo Dawg, you heard we like rights, so we put some rights in our life so we can free while we free.

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No that’s the TGOP Declaration of Indenpendence

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You aren’t the boss of me?

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(And yes, the irony in how that is actually used is very much the point.)


Make America.


Amend this!

That one is more of a summary of the Constitution.

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Correct, but once it was in my head I had to post it. You know how it is.

One might think so, but when they’re in power, it’s just more nakedly obvious who’s always been running the show.

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Let’s not forget that the founders only gave white men who owned property the right to vote.

“All men are created equal” had a sort of limited notion of who got to count in the “men” group.


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