Trumplings triggered by NPR's July 4 tweets of the Declaration of Independence


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That right-wing authoritarian followers are hostile to the precepts of democracy is well known. That self-styled patriots would openly denounce the publication of their country’s founding document is additional evidence of their stupidity.


I guess those guys with their Pocket Constitution don’t have a matching Pocket Declaration?


The level of stupidity is really something else.Tweeting the declaration of independence on the 4th of July and then reading into it as an anti-Trump statement is truly special.


Those people don’t have a pocket Constitution. They may have the 2nd amendment tattoo but that’s about the closest they may get to knowing the law.


Monty Python and the Declaration of Independence.

Dennis: Help! Help! I want to be repressed!


I don’t see any tweets from Jeremy Bentham. Unfair and one-sided!


LOL. Things like this almost make me want to waste time on twitter. Almost.

Another reason to be off it.

And again, another illustration that its a piss poor social program when you need 5000 fucking tweets for one document. A waste of everyones time.

It all relates to your world view. When you are primed to think everything is an attack, it is. It goes for both sides.


Many of these accounts have either shut down since their idiotic posts or, in the case of JustEsrafel, apologized for seeing a tweet out of context and reacting before thinking. Mr. Darren Mills on the other hand is embracing his idiocy and enjoying his five minutes of internet fame.


On the other hand, breaking the Declaration of Independence into small chunks has the interesting effect of letting a reader focus on each sentence. Taking something so familiar that we’re used to seeing as one huge scroll and presenting it in bite-size pieces lets readers choose individual parts and comment on them while still reading the whole. Not sure why broadcasting the Declaration to millions of people is a waste of anyone’s time, really. It’s just a different medium.


Bloody peasant!


If only there were two sides!


I get your point if it was intentional. This was out of necessity.

I am disparaging the shit UI of Twitter (IMO). Not the reprinting important historical documents. Because even if someone wanted to read all the tweets, it is hugely cumbersome to do so. I’d just google the doc to read it again. Better yet, find an annotated one that explains passages better.


It was absolutely intentional. They could have linked to an online copy of the whole thing, or even a photo of the document. Instead, they broke it into small chunks; readers can ‘favorite’ and retweet their favorite sentences or paragraphs and comment on them. I saw tons of people retweeting some of the most well known passages all through the celebrations yesterday – it was actually really neat to watch the Declaration echo and ripple outwards as they were posting it.


Well, my pocket Constitution also has the Declaration in it. My guess is they don’t have either, and never bothered learning more than “We hold these truths to be self-evident”…if that much.


should have read further before posting.


Hey, if the shoe fits…


It’s like the Bible: they own a copy, but they have never read it except in little out of context bits that are carefully selected to justify the positions they wish to take. They don’t have the slightest clue as to what it actually says as a whole.


Fair enough. I am just probably bitter over the fact of how much I dislike Twitter.


This should work for EULAs too.