Sleuths discover the source of $28m in dark money lobbying in favor of emergency room "surprise bills": private equity firms that own doctors' practices

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Until the U.S. at least establishes single-payer universal health insurance and gets rid of Citizens United, it’s going to remain a basket-case country in the view of other OECD nation-states.


Q: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?

A: Many millions of dollars, that’s what!


A way to combine two of my least favorite groups in the world. Private Equity and price gouging doctors


And then they said, “Alright, you got us. Now it’s your turn to hide.”

Fuck these fuckers and their fucking games. Anything big enough to rig things so millions of people have no choice but to pay them billions of dollars is too big to tolerate. They all must be destroyed.


Something’s gotta give soon…

Couple of months ago my son went to the local ER (in-network) for a dog bite. Needed a couple of stitches and he was in and out of there in under an hour.

A few weeks later a $5,546.01 bill shows up PLUS the “doctor” who took his blood pressure charged $107 in a separate bill.

Last year, same son got some kind of stomach bug returning from an overseas trip. Went to a different ER for some tests and fluids. $12,000+ was billed to our insurance.

US healthcare system is beyond broken.


Jesus Christ.

Honestly, just nuke us from orbit, it is the only way this cancer will not spread. Sure, it’s pretty much just one country, and not even mine, but if there is even a fraction of a percent chance these greedy fucks could infect the rest of the universe, I’m content to take the hit.


This reminds me some shady body shops that employed souped up tow trucks to get cars that just had an accident in their shops, that normally weren’t neither insurance approved or authorized by the parent company and charging a lot for the repairs.

Some of them stolen cop radios to hear of accidents.


I imagine alien civilizations avoid planets infested with private equity the way we avoid hotels infested with bedbugs.


We are up against soulless entities that have the rights of persons.

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Part I: The Miracle of Birth

Obstetrician 1 : Get the EEG, the BP monitor, and the AVV.

Obstetrician 2 : And get the machine that goes ‘ping!’.

Obstetrician 1 : And get the most expensive machine - in case the Administrator comes.

Patient : What do I do?

Obstetrician : Nothing, dear, you’re not qualified.

Hospital Administrator : Ah, I see you have the machine that goes ‘ping!’. This is my favourite. You see, we lease this back from the company we sold it to - that way it comes under the monthly current budget and not the capital account.

[ The doctors and onlookers applaud. ]

Hospital Administrator : Thank you, thank you. We try to do our best. Well, do carry on.


We’ve been seeing a lot of these commercials asking the public to stop congress from passing laws that will end surprise billing (aka private equity price gouging). They like to call it laws that prevent balance billing—without balance billing, how will we keep the lights on? Of course, we aren’t seeing in ads in favor of ending surprise billing. I get that the exact funders of these ads may have been secret, but it’s not like anyone who has heard of the issue couldn’t have guessed.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: For any legislative issue being fought with TV advertising, compare the ratio of pro ads to con ads. If one side is making a sufficiently larger ad spend, you can bet that’s the side trying to keep the law on their side while they steal your money, wreck your health, or poison the world is search of profit.

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Costs $1K just to walk in the door of the big ER here.

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Reading through Cory’s post, then the detailed post by Roy Poses and Health Care Renewal, I wonder if I could put a warning label on my health insurance card that states something like this:

Any out-of-network medical services performed on me, or supplied or devices used for my health care, without direct acceptance and agreement by me before services are rendered, will be reviewed at a later time to determine the level of remittance of costs, Any such remittance will be subject entirely and solely to the patient’s discretion.

Wonder if that would stand up.

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