Slime after Slime, a slime-making parody of Time after Time

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Good things come from slime.

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Wait, is this the soundtrack to “Busy Moms Save at Target?”

My favourite Time after Time parody is Tie after Tie

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Unexpectedly hilarious.

Also, homeboy can sing.

Granddaughter spends quite a bit of time here making slime. You can add sparkles.

My kid is into this a bit too. Interestingly, the white elmers seems to continue to polymerize, eventually becoming less slimy and more crackable/granular (over months and months). The clear glues (i.e. elmer’s glitter glue) seems to do the opposite, and starts becoming more liquid/sticky again. Haven’t tried re-polymerizing it. Would be a fun experiment.

Here in Germany (and the EU) Borax is labeled as " toxic for reproduction category 1B" according to REACH see which mean that it is forbidden to sell Borax to members of the general public.


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