Slow Jams (Yakety Sax edition)


All I can think of while listening to this is Benny Hill strolling around while a policeman, several women, a short little bald guy, and a gorilla all amble along behind him at a respectful distance, languidly waving their arms as though trying to get his attention.


Please note: following the described algorithm will cause your Slow Jam to lose its “temper,” but that won’t make it any less entertaining :slight_smile:

Equal Temperament

Just a note that it’s Tim Carmody’s post, he’s currently subbing for Jason Kottke.

Slowed down it’s just as horrible as the original, only longer. Isn’t there some kind of filter that would turn it into a majestic french horn?

It would still be all yakkity.


I dunno. Apply a reverse of that minor-to-major voodoo from a while back, and you could end up with Forlornity Horn.


Well, in theory,yes, via the “magic” of MIDI. Dump the audio into a midi file and then reassign that track to “French Horn.”

it’s not quite as technical, but I made a similar post a while back:

the “fruits” of my research on the matter can be found on that website, or “remastered” at

If making your own, I wouldn’t worry too much about the end result being in concert pitch. The Beatles didn’t bother, and few people notice.

‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is somewhere between two keys, being comprised of two takes edited together, which had original been recorded at different speeds and in different key, but just so happened to match up when they were both varispeeded to a middle point between the two.

‘She’s Leaving Home’ was sped up a bit on the mono mix, but not according to any formula. They just wanted their voices to sound a bit younger.

I implore you to listen to Captain and Tennille’s “Do That To Me One More Time” slowed to the equivalent of 45rpm to 33 1/3rpm.

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Cept it doenst work quite like that short of some actual “magic”.

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Of course SoundCloud embeds here with a plain link like many other links, so we can experience this wondrous @beschizza creation as we read the same BBS arguments over and over and over… and over

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