"Slow multitasking" is the good kind of multitasking


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Around 5 PM I will be doing just that, “Slow multitasking”.


I’m slow multi-tasking right now!




Oh, good. A TED talk will teach me how to be creative.


I see you’ve watched mine on being snarky.

Excellent job!


This works for me, but can easily turn into procrastination…


Instead of a physical box, I use a text file called -project-Notes.txt for each project. This gets the day’s accomplishments and problems and tricks, so that the next time I work on that project, I have some idea of where I was and why I did that crazy thing.


I tried that after none of those tips & tricks for organizing and managing entries in note taking software worked for me. If I stopped using each text file at the end of a year, and looked back at how many huge text files I’d created, it would probably depress me.

Ultimately, I learned two things. First, my life is full of many projects. Second, I am very creative, but not a good project manager. I’m so glad that my projects are done for love, not money.


For small projects that require very little research, I just do an analog notebook. For anything that requires legit research (like, oh shit, we’re dragging out the reference texts!) I use an index card system. I throw all my ideas, a large chunk of my research, notes, whatever onto 3x5 index cards, then organize them by subject in the box with dividers. Slowly, I can just build and build what I need, and have something I can go back through and quickly reference.


Ok, so apparently the headline for this is NOT “Slow mutilating” is the good kind of mutilating. I’m getting tired.


I used to have a terrible time finding things on paper. The ability to quickly search within my files (or search a system for files about a specific project) has saved me a lot of time over the years.


Just went back and reread your original post, and for whatever reason I misread and thought you were saying EVEN managing stuff in a note-taking software didn’t work for you!

My bad! I’m glad you found a system that works for you! Everyone needs something, or they’ll have a hell of a time completing anything.

I’ve tried the note taking software, and I’m just so prone to distraction that I’ve found I have to completely remove electronics from the equation, or I’ll end up on a wild tangent.


No, you read it right the first time. I’ve got notes on projects in more files than I care to count. Don’t ask me how many were finished. :cry:


Along similar lines, I often break down tasks into two types: ones where the solution is known, and ones where the solution is unknown.

So for example, if I’m working on a draft of a technical document or writing code, I might take a break and renew my library books, check and see if a check I sent out was cashed (and if not call the business to see what’s up), and download tax forms from my financial institutions to prep for taxes. Mindless stuff that makes me feel productive and gets over that anxiety you can get waiting for the “aha!” moment you sometimes need writing code.


Who are these people with the time to go so slow???

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