Smart cities are as stupid as the people who make them

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Kind of interesting. But how does it help to say the entire group of “people who make them” is stupid? I’ve known people who have been involved with many aspects of this and related fields since the late 80s. Not many stupid people in that group. But they tend to be toolmakers rather than policymakers, and we all know powerful tools can be used for good or evil.

How about “as stupid as the people who abuse the tools used to make them”?


Who is Greenberg?

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I think it’s the Green guy who’s a little bit higher up in Green stuff than this Greenfield fellow.


and that is why traffic lights will never work.

For sure there are gnarly problems, but some problems aren’t (all that) gnarly.

A good story about a ‘smart’ city run by an AI that constantly conducts surveillance on the population:

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